Improving Sensing Range from 1.5m to 4.3m
July 30, 2016

These pictures show you what is applied PD175-36005 lens cap for PIR sensors, and these products seems to be HI-3009 or DK-011 made by Dogyeong in the market.

Who was a guard room where the door is an apartment, you've mastered the introduction of the motion detection sensors to control lighting of the apartments within the lighting system.

Apartments geotyieoseo which is mounted on the ceiling height is usually purchased on the market for sale to the sensor module test results are approximately 2.5m Based on a bottom surface of the detection range is considered that became a lens cap to replace only about 1.5m.

Our professional product detects the distance of the die PD175-36005 result of applying the product increases and 1.5m've very pleased about 4.3m.

I'm quantities are always fun, but it is not that abundant curiosity Sub-tasks.




Question for PIR sensor and lens cap

Myung Joong Kim