POLY material DPP25 & DPE200 for PIR Fresnel Lens
June 7, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam Today I introduce POLY material DPP25 and DPE200 for PIR Fresnel Lens.

DPP25(PP) is stronger to hot temperature than DPE200(HDPE).

Obviously, DPE200 has cheaper price and higher transmittance rate than DPP25.

DPP25 has a lower met flow rate than DPE200, so it takes more time to inject Fresnel lenses and therefore the price is higher.

Tensile strength and elongation are similar for both materials. The flexural moodulus is higher for DPP25 and it can be more resistant to impact.

Fresnel lens made of DPP25 gives a feeling of matte and firmness on the surface.

And the lens made of DPE200 seems light and relatively soft.

Due to these characteristics, DPP25 is resistant to scratches and has similar rigidity to the housing of product.

On the other hand, DPE200 has a relatively high transmittance rate and easy to customize after injection.

Both materials can be customized for color and thickness.

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