Ajou University Photovoltaic Modules
November 25, 2016

This is a photovoltaic module commissioned from Ajou University Institute for Nano Device.

F = 200mm 120x120mm eight lenses are arrayed and the size of each lens is 505x253mm, The size of substrate section is 36x36mm, and that of cell is 5x5mm.

This product was manufactured possible to control the distance between each lenses and the vertical-horizontal angle.

Also, the substrate was equipped trenching about 2T to 5T aluminum.   

300x300mm Fresnel lens was used to make this product.

We produced the module part except pedestal. Also, we painted both products in a matt black in order to prevent diffused reflection.

DIYPRO can manufacture a variety of products as hot water installation using a tracker and fresnel lenses, not only solar modules.


Question for Fresnel lens 

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