Design of Security Optical System with Fresnel lens and Reflectors
August 3, 2020

Recently, more and more people are asking about security optics. Usually, security optics use invisible infrared rays. It is constructed by transmitting infrared light to receive light coming back from an object.

There was also an inquiry about the development of a security optics system in FresnelFactory, So we proceeded with the design of an infrared optical system using Fresnel lenses and reflectors.

The following is about the design of an infrared optical system for security conducted by FresnelFactory.

FresnelFactory has modeled NIR lasers, reflectors, and receiver Fresnel lenses through its optical design program.

The security optical system must have as much light as possible on the receptor sensor to increase detection sensitivity. Therefore, we designed it in the form of a reflector, reflecting it with a reflector, and collecting as much light as possible with a Fresnel lens.

The picture below shows a comparison of the distribution of light that reaches the sensor before(left) optimizing and the distribution of light that reaches the sensor after(right) optimizing.

If you look at the results of the optical simulation, the results of fresnel lens pre-optimization(left) show a lot of light spread out of the sensor. After optimization, light was collected into the sensor, and the total amount of light that reached the sensor was about twice the increase.

FresnelFactoryKorea is a professional optical company that designs and manufactures optical systems with specifications that customers want through optical simulation programs.

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