Fresnel lens production services that change color to the customer's preference
May 28, 2021

Fresne lens have been used in many fields recently because they can exceed the limitations of thickness and area of existing lenses. Also, it can be made according to the shape that the customer wants, and in special cases, it can be made with a cover lens.

Recently, there was a request from a foreign company, KEEPEN and Russia's ARSIBEX, to produce Fresnel lens in the desired color of Fresnel Factory Korea. The condition was to maintain the quality such as performance and strength of Fresnel lens.

Therefore, Fresnel Factory Korea injected Fresnel lens by changing the color to the color that the customer wants while maintaining the quality or specification of the Fresnel lens.


Fresnel Factory Korea designs lenses by selecting materials that suit where customers want them to use, and provides additional services such as sensor-covered Fresnel lens for waterproofing and color changes for Fresnel lens to enhance product completeness.


If you want to change the color, please log on through the link and request it to [Design Request Form.]



Fresnel Factory Korea is a professional optical company that provides not only optical design and lens production, but also product design services that meet customer needs.


Ashton Myung Joong KIM

CEO of FresnelFactory Inc.

USA : +1 415 779 5317 

MOBILE : +82 10-5248-4630



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