Cast fresnel lens for near-infrared
November 28, 2019

I would like to know which point you want to check.

  1. NIR Transmittance of Material
  2. Verifying the optic design of the lens

For 1. We can provide a sample Fresnel lens. Even it has different Focal and size from your design.

It is specially tuned for NIR wavelength and has high hardness and heat resistance.

The sample is free, but shipping is USD 40 as DHL.

For 2. Verifying the optical design of the lens, I recommend you Hot-press sample mold.

However, we can only use optical PMMA, not NIR material that I mentioned above.

2 lenses grouped hot press mold is USD xxxx.

Provide sample is 3pcs and PMMA

If you want to check no1. And no2 at the same time, I strongly recommend you to go directly.

50lenses grouped together injection mold is USD xxxxx.

Provide sample is 10pcs with NIR high transmittance material. MOQ is 100 pcs for further production. Please discuss MOQ price later.

We need fresnel lens arrays of a specific design which we will give you the Zemax files for.

The diameter of each is xx.xxmm, and they are packed into a hexagonal array.  They are Zemax designs, but the FL is about 83mm.

We would like to a material that is pretty good in the near IR.  We do not specifically need the lenses to be Fresnel, we wanted to make the lenses thin for transmission reasons, but if you have access to a material that transmits particularly well we could just go with regular lenses.

We do not have a specific hexagonal arrangement in mind, we will tile these into a larger 2D array.  ~50 lenses grouped together would be a good number; if NRE is affected by size we could revisit that.

We would probably want to start with a lower NRE cost proof of principle which would probably be a smaller two lens array which we could use to verify the optical performance.  Once that is demonstrated we will make the full sized arrays.  If the cost of going to the full array is low enough we could consider doing that directly.