Changing Beam Angle and Light Pattern
September 28, 2016
We received a request asking to changing the shape of projected light and beam angle by applying lens to metalhalide light source.

You can check the reduced beam angle even by the naked eye when looking at  below photo. It shows you the metalhalide light source applied lens. (아래가 렌즈를 적용하였을 때인데 육안으로 보아도 빔각이 확연히 줄어든 것이 확인됩니다.)

You can check the reduced irradiation area by using the iris and the lens barrel in this picture. It can be reduced to half angle 3 degrees at least, it may be more narrow through the aperture. 

The best advantage of this development is not only adjusting just beam angle, but also realizing various light pattern through the aperture and the barrel I think you could be doubful that the color temperature of light source is different, it is because I took these pictures alternating DSLR cameras and cell phones Testing and development were carried out using the same light source and enclosures devices at any stages.


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