Custom Fresnel Lens
May 10, 2017
fresnel lens

Custom Fresnel Lens

I am working with Michigan State University on a solar energy project. We are looking to find a company that can manufacture a custom fresnel lens for our project.

We need a lens with a diameter of at least 24''. We are having trouble finding this big of a lens. Can your company help us do this?

Also we are looking for transmittance data on that lens such as 99.? % of light passes through, and the possibility of adding an anti-reflective coating to the lens. -----
I think CP1300-1100 is met your standards, except anti-reflective.
Diameter is 43.3inch and transmittance is 97%
This is lens only, not including frame.
However shipping cost is quite a expensive, will be USD 360.00.
Additional optical coating is not possible.
Thank you.
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