Fresnel for COB LED
May 24, 2017
fresnel lens
My name is XXX and i'm trying  to get a straight beam of light with my (100W) LED array. (Bridgelux RS)
I'm trying to do this for almost one year now with many different lenses.
But i'm stuck and can't get a good spot on the wall. (straight beam of light)
(near 0 degree)
That is why i contact you.
Your company seems very capable to solve this problem.
I attached two files, one of the led array i'm using and one of the reflector.
The best solution for me is a fresnel lens direct on top of the reflector.
The LED without reflector has a light-beam of 120 degree.
Hoping you can help me,
If you have any questions, please contact me.
With kind regards,
Dear customer,
Like you said, one of solution is combination of Fresnel lens on the top of reflector.
However even this way you can't get 0 degree beam angle.
I guess it will be 20 degree or some.
You can buy some of our lenses and test it.
Thank you. ----
Question for Fresnel lens 
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