Fresnel lens manufactured by casting mold
September 7, 2018
fresnel lens

Introducing Fresnel lens manufactured by casting mold.

While improving optical lenses to be used as 3D optical elements for TV-sized glassfree 3D optics of 55 inches in Fresnel Factory, we introduced Fresnel lenses for the first time by introducing a casting mold that improves optical characteristics for obtaining high-quality images  

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Introducing Fresnel lens manufactured by casting mold.

While improving the optical lens to be used as a 3D optical element in TV-sized glassfree 3D optics of 55 inches or larger, Fresnel Factory has decided to consider a casting mold that will improve optical properties for obtaining high-quality images.

Casting is a method of making a shape by pouring a liquid material into a mold and solidifying it.

Molding method suitable for mold thickness, precision, optical improvement The Fresnel lens is mainly formed by Hotpress method, but it has a disadvantage in tolerance of thickness.

In the casting mold, the flow is good and the purity is high because the raw material, PMMA, is injected into the mold with the liquid phase.

As a result, thickness uniformity, precision, and optical characteristics of materials are relatively superior. Below is a comparison of the new casting mold and the existing Hotpress method.  

The casting mold is more suitable for production of lenses that require precise quality because it has better thickness uniformity and transmittance than Hotpress method.

Below is a sample of a Fresnel lens made by casting mold

<Fresnel lens manufactured by CASTING mold> Fresnel Factory will continue to improve the casting process starting with this development case.

The following posting will compare the properties of lenses made with casting and Hotpress.

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