glassy carbon mold for glass press molding upto 2000° C
February 4, 2020

glassy carbon mold for glass press molding upto 2000° C

Introduces the development of glassy carbon mold, which is 99.2% carbon, capable of glass press molding with high melting point glass upto 2000 ° C.

In the past, the lens was thermoformed with low melting glass material by using DLC (Diamond-like carbon) to increase the heat resistance of the Tungsten-Carbide mold. At this time, cracks occur because the coefficient of thermal expansion of the mold and that of carbon are different.

The glassy carbon mold developed is made up of 99.2% carbon, which enables glass press molding from 800 ° to 2000 °. Therefore, high melting point glass materials (BK7, borosilicate, fused silica, etc.) can be used. It is suitable for NIR, PIR, IR laser, IR sensor which are difficult to polymer because of using high melting point glass material. Finally, copying is possible and production costs are low due to low mold costs.

The following is a comparison table.

  Material Heat-resistant
Possible lens
Mold cost
Glassy carbon
carbon 99.2% below 2000 BK7,
fused silica  
glass press
Carbide mold
+DLC (Diamond-like carbon)
+carbon coating
below 600 low-melting
-point Glass
glass press

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