March 10, 2020
fresnel lens

Recently, the development of Fresnel lens for near infrared ray is increasing.

Near infrared, also called NIR (Near Infrared), has various uses.

Used in self-driving cars, Internet of Thing (IoT), Time of Flight (ToF), beauty and healthcare.

Near infrared has a wavelength of 0.75 ~ 3um and has 12 times higher penetration than far infrared.

Therefore, it is widely used in beauty, healthcare equipment, breast cancer screening devices, and blood flow measuring devices.

In addition, the demand in the sensor sector is steadily increasing.

It is widely used for car detectors, safe equipment, street detectors and smart furniture.

When used in the transmitter, the FOV of the NIR light source can be adjusted. When used in the receiver, the sensing distance and detection area can be controlled.

FresnelFactory Inc. has materials with good transmittance at NIR wavelengths to cope with the development of near-infrared lenses.

The lens material and molding are selected according to the customer's application.

In addition, quality measurement equipment for NIR lenses will be completed by 2020.

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CEO of FresnelFactory Inc.

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