Linear fresnel lens customzing from Canada
June 13, 2018
fresnel lens

This customer is looking for linear type fresnel lens for concentrate photovoltaic. Below is email from the buyer. ------

I am looking for the pricing a custom made lens. The technical information is below:
- Diameter: 23 in
- Type: Angle bending (12 deg)
- Material: PMMA
- Thickness: 3mm
- Pitch/groove: standard (we are open to your suggestion)
- Quantity: 10
Please know that this is an angle bending lens. This means that is has parallel similar prisms all over the surface. Attached are the drawings of the prisms and also a snapshot of a sample lens.
Please let me know your pricing including tooling fee, price per lens and "lead time" for 10 lenses.
Note: The drawings are based on refraction index of 1.49.
Diameter 23inch is too big for linear type lens.
Could you make smaller or split into several pieces?
Now we are on vacation until upcoming Sunday, therefore my answer can be delayed.
Canada buyer Yes - it is possible to use smaller pieces. Even 5"x5" square pieces with the proper prism patterns can be tiled together to generate the appropriate effect we are looking for (which is angle bending the light).
Tooling cost will be USD X,000 with hot press type, and USD XX,X00 with injection type.
Product cost for hot press will be USD X,X0 and MOQ is 100pcs.
Product cost for injection mold will be USD X,X0 and MOQ is 1000pcs.
Injection type has lower toleration and product cost, but high initial cost. 
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