Manufacturing a Stand Magnifier Prototype
August 16, 2016

You can see the larger area through wide fresnel lens more easily and conveniently.

We use the lens that its specification is same as that of Terasaki Big Eye.

** Purposes more effienct for precision crafted easy to adjust the lens angle convenient when you working with both hands The removable lens

Name Large Stand Magnifiers
Magnification 2.0X
Size 420mm x 260mm
Material Optical acrylic
Manufacturer DIYPRO Ltd.
Country Republic of Korea


This is prototype. It is the same thing with the products introduced below.


This is the procedure of making a stand magnifier (magnifying glass).

Meanwhile we were providing lenses to the other magnifying glass manufacturer, but we decided to manufacture it directly.

It is composed of a stand having drivable joints and a lens that is possible to enlarge to an appropriate ratio, not complex structures.

We did not use LED lens in this work, nevertheless it is emplaced under the lens for the more visible subject




 This is the holder for holding the lens. As you can see, we also made a hole for fixing the lens.


This is a stand. It is commonly used for table-top stand.

It is a expansion lenses; the most important product. Its size is over 20cm, and magnification is approximately 2.5. 


I worked alone, so there are not many photos. This picture shows you the product installed at the desk and my washing lenses after working.


Seeing my monitor using a magnifying glass. This monitor is 29 inches, so it is looked larger than before using magnifying glass.




Question for Stand Magnifier Myung Joong Kim