Modulating Searchlight Beam Angle
September 7, 2016

We received a request. A client asked us to modify beam angle of the multi-array product arranged a lot of LED.

He previously equipped individual lenses to each LED, then he faced a problem about product reliability and workability in processing so wanted to change that way.

It would take a long time to work and the deviation of quality occurs if you attach the individual LED 51 lenses inevitably, not to mention even if the number of the LED increased. (There is a case of using more than 500 LED to configure the 100W because output of high quality LED used for video lighting is low.)

Applying enclosure to lens and diffuser Let me show you what difference occurs when projected.


Apply lens and diffuser We modified the existing beam angle of 120 degree to 90 by applying the lens, then the roughness has more than double. If you apply the diffuser, you can be sure that the flatness intensity rises.

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