New optic development example by AR Fresnel lens
January 2, 2020
fresnel lens

This is an example of developing Fresnel lens for Augmented Reality(AR) according to the development STEP of FresnelFactory Co., Ltd.

Proceed as follows to develop high-performance lenses quickly


1. Confirm customer requirements and set development goals

The customer had a requirement of more than Field Of View (FOV)65 while showing the AR smartphone screen clearly.

2. Check the difference between human-eye-test result and ZEMAX simulation result off-the-shelf

For AR lenses, there is a big difference in performance between ZEMAX simulation and AR lens human-eyes-test.

In order to consider the difference in performance, the difference was confirmed through the comparison between the existing AR lenses and ZEMAX simulation. 


3. To adjust Optical design by the difference from 2.

In consideration of the results of the preceding experiment at 2., we have designed the optical suitable for the customer's condition.

In addition, the amount of light from both eyes was compared because it can be dizzy due to the characteristics of AR equipment.


4. mold design and Tooling

Optical molds are produced that show excellent shaping of fine prism patterns.

5. Lens production .

The lens has beenproduced by Hotpress methodology.

(there are 4 more methodology in FresnelFactory Co., Ltd.


6. Quality check

We measured the lens performance and tested the FOV through the following measurements..

The customer was satisfied with the FOV75 and the clear image.

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