Optical design of SPOTLIGHT for broadcasting lighting and tool making of lens
October 25, 2017
lens design

◈ Optical design of  SPOTLIGHT for broadcasting lighting and tool making of lens

product: SPOTLIGHT for broadcasting lighting

use: broadcasting lighting

The product we would like to introduce is SPOTLIGHT for broadcasting lighting. Broadcast lighting shall keep the value of color rendering and color temperature even with the application of lens as they is important, The SPOTLIGHT is designed with sift edge because it shall light not only concentrating into the actors but also fringe area.

◈development object

  1. 1. Lens size : Ø250mm
  2. Beam Angle : deg. 15 - 50(Variable)
  3. Illuminance : Spot 11,000lx at 3m(15˚ Beam angle)
  4. Flood 1700lx at 3m(50˚ Beam angle)
  5. Uniformity :above 80%(Ø4m at 6m)
  6. color temperature and color rendering shall be guaranteed no change

◈ light source used

1. Beam Angle : deg. 120

2 . Luminous Flux : 29,000lm


◈ optic designing 1.Fresnel Lens designing

SPOTLIGHT_1.jpg ① NA=0.8 ② Size : Ø250mm ③ Surface : S1 Plano(Plane) / S2 Aspheric Fresnel 2. Spot simulation SPOTLIGHT_2.jpg ① Beam angle : 15.158degree ② Efficiency : 36.74% ③ Illuminance : 17,900lx 3. Flood Simulation SPOTLIGHT_3.jpg

Beam angle : 48.66degree

② Efficiency : 49.38%

③ Illuminance : 2,900lx

◈ light distribution measurement of actual product Light distribution measurement was conducted in the client’s office after production of SPOTLIGHT applied with Fresnel lens which was supplied after tooling. The data is the result of measurement after mounting diffuser. The cause of different beam angle from optic design is supposed to be discretional adjustment of distance between lens and lighting source by the client..

. Light distribution of Spot SPOTLIGHT_5.jpg SPOTLIGHT_6.jpg 2. Light distribution of Flood SPOTLIGHT_8.jpg SPOTLIGHT_7.jpg