March 31, 2020
fresnel lens

Fresnel Factory Co,.Ltd exhibited various Fresnel lens for NIR(near-infrared), FIR(Far-infrared) and Motion sensor(PIR, Passive-infrared) at the 2020 SPIE Photonics West. We had a meeting with 83 companies and planned cooperation research with a global optics company.

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Recently, as the interest in the field of IR(Infrared) increased rapidly, many companies visited the Fresnel Factory booth.

We held a development meeting of Fresnel lenses for NIR(near infrared), with a global optics companies. NIR lenses are widely used in beauty, healthcare equipment, breast cancer screening devices, blood flow measuring devices, automotive detectors, safe equipment, distance detectors and smart furniture.

We specifically discussed the supply of Fresnel lenses for infrared cameras and thermal imaging camera with a global optics company. Infrared cameras are installed in autonomous vehicles, IoT(Internet of Things), mobile phones and medical devices to complement the image cameras. Therefore, the demand for infrared sensors and lenses is increasing.

Motion Sensors (PIR, Passive Infrared) are recently installed in all applications due to the demand of smart furniture, IoT and counter sensors. Fresnel factory provides lens design and measuring the performance of Fresnel lens to the customer’s needs.

Fresnel factory has a lot of experience in the design, development and manufacture of Fresnel IR lenses. We select the right lens material for your application wavelength and select the right mold method. In addition, we have performance measuring equipment for IR lenses, so we can conduct quality inspections to meet customer needs.

Ashton Myung Joong KIM

CEO of FresnelFactory Inc.

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