Very Large Fresnel Lenses
May 17, 2017
fresnel lens

very large fresnel lenses

I am interested in your capacity to design and manufacture a very large diameter (1.5 - 2m diameter) fresnel lenses.
If you are able to produce such items, can you please give me a very rough estimate of the costs involved in producing a very small quantity of these? We would be looking at quantity under 10 pcs. for a custom design project.
Also - how long does it take to design and manufacture them?
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Our maximum capacity is 1.8m diameter.
Since mock-up lens is impossible to make, this should require mold.
Total fee for Mold and design fee, and 10 pcs lenses is USD XX,000.00
Developing will be taken 5 weeks.
The largest one is CP1300-1100, 1100mm diameter, 1300mm focal length
Thank you.
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