Developing Optical Solution for LED Stage Lighting (Spot Type)
June 22, 2016

DIYPRO has a lot of optical solution for LED lighting like High-Bay, stage lighting, down lights, lenses for package etc.

It showed the great progress in the development Stage lighting Spot type using COB.

Many of the products conjugating LED that is high power used in broadcasting and stage are imported from abroad, and domesitc products are low power of less than 100W.

In this situation, we were commissioned the SPOT-LIGHT developmetn with more than 150W COB.


- Light: 150W COB  - Achieve conditions: (1) Beam-Angle 120 degree 15~50 degree, (2) Removing yellow ring phenomenon

Adjusting Beam-Angle was possible, applying the lens to COB effusing 120 degree as photo 1. However, yellow ring phenomenon occured as photo 2.

The photo above is the last picture.It shows you the lens that is able to adjust focus from 15 to 50 degrees and is removed yellow ting. 

DIYPRO is a professional company that specializes in the design and delivery of various optical lens solution We provide one-stop solutions from design to production, import and produce front surface mirror that is distortion-free and 92-98% high reflectivity.


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