Optical Design of Direct Projection Bicycle Light

Today I introduce a article about designing of bicycle light. The design is followed a guide line of German regulation StVZO. Authors use inward grooves facing Fresnel lens and reflector. The link is below. <The illustration of Germany StVZO...


Lighting Inspection Equipment Using Laser

* Product Name: Lighting Inspection Equipment Using Laser * Product Provided : Front Surface Mirror(FSM), frame, bracket   This is a product used in a equipment for automotive headlamp test and measurement. We provided front surface mirror, and produced frame for mounting and protection for FSM and...


Line scan Lighting Development

* Product name: Linescan Lighting for Inspection Equipment * Applied LED: 1500*30mm LED Bar * Applied Optic: Linear Fresnel Lens( Linear Fresnel lenses ), LSD   We developed linescan lighting for inspection equipment in this time. Lighting uses an elongated 1500 * 30 mm LED Bar, but the traditional methods was to shade...


Developing Optical Solution for LED Stage Lighting (Spot Type)

DIYPRO has a lot of optical solution for LED lighting like High-Bay, stage lighting, d own lights , lenses for package etc. It showed the great  progress in the development Stage lighting Spot type using COB. Many of the products conjugating LED that is high power used in broadcasting and stage are imported from abroad,...