Lighting Inspection Equipment Using Laser
August 16, 2017
* Product Name: Lighting Inspection Equipment Using Laser
* Product Provided : Front Surface Mirror(FSM), frame, bracket
This is a product used in a equipment for automotive headlamp test and measurement. We provided front surface mirror, and produced frame for mounting and protection for FSM and bracket. 
  < enclosures and bracket drawings >
< Completed  >

1. attaching anti-vibration pad inside frame for shock absorber

2. fixing front surface mirror using silicon

3. painting matt black to prevent diffused reflection

This request was urgent, so it took four days to manufacture and deliver. 
DIYPRO is a professional company that specializes in the design and delivery of various optical lens solution. We provide one-stop solutions from design to production, import and produce front surface mirror that is distortion-free and 92-98% high reflectivity.


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